Nearest interesting security events to visit

Posted on 12 November 2016 in misc

November, 2016 is rich for security events.

There are will two in the same time! The first one is ZeroNights will take place in Russia, Moscow. I like it because it is focused on practical aspects of information security. This time there will be 3+ talks from our Yandex security team:

Plus in "3+" means that I will also be a speaker at this conference :-) OWASP Russia (Taras Ivashchenko) and OWASP Poland (Alexander Antukh and Pawel Rzepa) together will make big workshop called "Beyond OWASP Top 10"!

"OWASP is mostly known for Top 10 and Testing Guide projects, however, there are many more beyond them! Our workshop made by an association of Russian and Polish OWASP Local Chapters is intended to broaden the horizons and introduce a number of interesting projects, which can be helpful both for breakers and defenders."

So see you there!

Another interesting security event is def[dev]eu with Jim Manico and Glenn ten Cate! This event is purely about trainings on secure coding and S-SDLC. It will takes place also on November 17-19 in Budapest, Hungary where the idea of the project was born. Alas there are really a few number security conferences for "defenders" and "builders", dedicated to helping developers and application security teams build and maintain secure software (Secure SDLC, DevOps security, AppSec management and so on). This one should be very good!