Big post about conferences

Posted on 23 September 2013 in misc

OWASP AppSec EU, Hamburg

Thanks organizers for great event! I was glad to see old friends from previous years. I talked about Content Security Policy. John Wilander and Ashar Javed thanks for good questions! Hope you've liked prizes :)

See you at next year's AppSec EU in Cambridge, UK, on 23-26 June 2014!

OWASP Poland Local chapter meeting, Poznan

24th of September there will be meeting of Poland's OWASP Local Chapter in Poznan. See you here!

Information Security Section on YaC 2013, Moscow

Yes, next YaC will be very soon and I want to especially promote Information Security section in it. This section will shed light on the role of security in contemporary IT and how to ensure a high level of security, both for users and for the company providing services.

There will be speakers from Twitter with talk "Defending the Bird", Etsy with "Securing eCommerce with Data Metrics", Facebook with "2Fac: Facebook's internal multi-factor authentication", Mozilla with "High speed NSM - Network Security Monitoring" and of course from Yandex! :) Yuriy Leonychev will talk about "Fast detection of Android malware: machine learning approach"

Yandex’s fourth YaC technological conference is to take place on October 2 at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre. More information on

JoinSEC, London

I will not participate at this event but my friends have asked me to promote it :) It will take place in 17/18 October 2013, London, UK. A few words about the JoinSEC London below.

The Information Security has been one of the most increasing concerns worldwide. Everyday new attacks and counter attacks emerge, making it impossible for professionals to keep themselves up to date.

The JoinSEC London (first edition) intends to convene busy IT and Information Security Professionals with very little time to learn new technologies or just deepen their knowledge on IT security tools and techniques. With this in mind we gathered a group of hand picked internationally renowned professionals to share their expertise with all participants through training sessions and workshops.

Special attention: Purely commercial presentations and/or advertisement of products/services will not be accepted, only technical presentations. Some comercial content may be tolerated if relativeirectly of a new technology or methodology.

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