Yandex, it is time to say goodbye

Posted on 14 February 2018 in misc • Tagged with yandex

Tomorrow will be my last day in Yandex. Eight years flew as one. It was fantastic time with a lot of interesting projects and challenges (like how to integrate "that" security control into 50+ services in a reasonable time). Of course it wouldn't be possible without a cool team in …

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ZeroNights 2017

Posted on 18 November 2017 in misc • Tagged with events, yandex, csp, talks

UnfortunallyI had visited only one day of ZeroNights (international conference, devoted to practical aspects of cybersecurity). This time conference took place in famous ZiL Culture Centre. Its building is a monument of Constructivist architecture. Nice place (with a good coffee shop) and it's not so far from city center! Only …

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OWASP Poland Day 2017

Posted on 08 October 2017 in misc • Tagged with owasp, events, yandex, talks

This Monday I had participated in OWASP Poland Day 2017 which took place in Krakow. It was one day mini conference with 2 tracks! Guys from OWASP Poland chapter had made a good job and had orginized it wery well. Especially for the first time! Hope that here in Russia …

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CSP Tester is now available for Firefox

Posted on 12 June 2017 in misc • Tagged with csp, csp-tester, firefox

Last versions of Firefox use new add-on format called WebExtensions. It is good news because this format is mostly compatible with the extension API supported by Chromium based browsers. So porting of CSP Tester to WebExtensions format was trivial (only some lines in manifest.json). Glad to announce that CSP …

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Nearest interesting security events to visit

Posted on 12 November 2016 in misc • Tagged with events, owasp, zn, yandex

November, 2016 is rich for security events.

There are will two in the same time! The first one is ZeroNights will take place in Russia, Moscow. I like it because it is focused on practical aspects of information security. This time there will be 3+ talks from our Yandex security …

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